Cement screed for the floor M150 — VF 150

  • 25 kg Package weight
  • 54 bags/1350 kg Quantity per pallet

Cement screed for the floor M150 — VF 150

Field of application:

For laying screeds of non-deformed concrete floors with a layer thickness of 10 mm or more inside buildings under the finishing coatings (ceramic tiles, natural stone, linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.) and for preparing the base for self-leveling mortars. It is used on rigid foundations in civil construction. Can be used in a water-based floor heating system.


  • grade strength - M150;
  • convenient and easy to use;
  • layer thickness for application from 10 to 100 mm;


Reinforced with microfiber
High adhesion
For internal and external works
For warm floors

More about the product

  • Specifications

    High-quality cement, mineral fillers, additives-modifiers, microfiber

    Water consumption per 25 kg of dry mixture

    3.5....4.3 l

    Consumption of dry mixture per 1m²

    with a layer thickness of 1 mm

    Approximately 2 kg
    Expiry date, min At least 20
    The possibility of technological movement In 24 hours

    The possibility of laying ceramic and

    stone tiles, not earlier

    After 72 hours

    Adhesion strength to the concrete base after

    endurance in air-dry conditions, MPa

    Not less than 0.2

    Compressive strength limit after 28 days, MPa

    At least 15

    Tensile strength limit when bending through

    28 days, MPa

    At least 3.5
    Coarseness of aggregate, mm Not more than 1.25
    Application temperature From +5 ⁰С to +30 ⁰С
  • Preparation of the base

    It is carried out in accordance with DSTU-NB A.3.1-23:2013 and DSTU-NB B.2.6-212:2016. The surface of the base must be dry, strong, as well as dense and clean. Before installation, the surface is cleaned of dust, oil stains and other substances that reduce the adhesion of the mixture to the base. All weak areas of the base should be removed. Open and deepen the cracks mechanically (depth - 1/2 the thickness of the base, width - 5 mm), prime with an acrylic primer and fill with mortar mixture VF 150. To ensure better adhesion of the screed to the surface, surfaces with high absorption capacity should be pre-treated with primers, in accordance with appointment. Installation of screed is possible no earlier than 4 hours after priming.

  • Preparation of the solution

    Pour water into a clean container (water temperature from +15 °C to +25 °C) at the rate of 0.14-0.17 l per 1 kg of dry mixture, gradually add the dry mixture and mix with a mixer on low revolutions until obtaining a homogeneous mass without lumps. After 5 minutes mix again. An overdose of water leads to delamination of the mixture and reduces the mechanical strength of the mixture.

  • Recommendations

    If there are deformation seams in the bedding layer, it is necessary to duplicate them on a freshly installed screed. In addition to the detailed information on how to use the material, when working with it, you should be guided by the current regulatory documents for arranging floors. In the case of using the material in conditions not considered in this technical description, it is necessary to independently conduct tests or consult the manufacturer. VF 150 screed contains cement, which causes an alkaline reaction at the moment of hydration, so it is necessary to protect eyes and skin when working. If the solution mixture gets into the eyes, they should be immediately washed with running water and consult a doctor.

  • Execution of works

    Put the mortar mixture on the surface of the base, distribute it evenly to the level specified by the beacons, level it with a slat or rule. In the event of a break in work for more than 60 minutes, the tools must be cleaned of the solution mixture and

  • Packaging

    Paper bags with an inner polyethylene layer of 25 kg.

  • Storage

    The mixture must be stored in the company's airtight packaging in a dry room, on pallets. The shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.

  • Cost

    On average, 2.0 kg of screed is used per 1 m2, with a layer thickness of 1 mm.

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