What is rheology

Rheology, as a branch of science, studies the deformation and movement of substance under the influence of external forces, so it is a key aspect for achieving quality and efficiency in the construction industry. Rheological characteristics of dry construction mixtures are important indicators that determine their behavior and functionality during transportation, primarily application and operation.

The influence of rheological properties on the quality of mixtures

One of the main properties is the viscosity of the material, which determines the degree of resistance of the material to movement under the influence of external forces. Flow and plasticity indicators are also important, which affect the ability of the mixture to be formed and modeled. Another important factor is the degree of compression of the finished products, without further compaction, which reflects the compactness and stability of the mixture during transportation and storage. The thermal behavior of the material affects its ability to be conditioned and used in different climatic conditions.

As in our products, we improve the rheology indicators

In Vanmix products, we make a special focus on their plasticity, rheological tactility, correct fluidity, optimal value of the degree of compression, achieving the desired indicators with the help of special additives:

  • Hyperplasticizers and superplasticizers are added to increase plasticity, elasticity, rapid gain of strength and fluidity, which allows to obtain mixtures with high mobility and plasticity without increasing the water needed (that is, without reducing strength and increasing porosity).
  • Water-retaining additives (thickeners), for example: cellulose ether and starch ether, prevent stratification and dehydration of ready-made mixtures, additionally provide plasticity and increase the open time of working with the mixture.
  • Polymer modifiers increase strength, ease of laying, minimize deformation, significantly increase resistance to abrasion, waterproofing and especially improve the adhesive properties of mixtures on mineral binders.
  • We add antifreeze additives to the winter versions of the mixtures to ensure ease and softness during laying, adhesion to the surface, frost resistance and durability of the structure, as well as to ensure the ability to work with products under the influence of low temperatures.

Interesting fact

The technical indicators of the rheological properties of construction mixtures adopted in the standards do not always give an adequate assessment of the practical manifestation of these properties, therefore, in order to obtain mixtures that will be convenient for the craftsman at work, in our own laboratory we evaluate not only such indicators with the help of special devices, but also standard technical indicators (cone sedimentation, spillage, resistance to vertical flow and other parameters).

Choose comfort

We understand that during production, not only the final result is important, but also the comfort of work for the artist. That is why Vanmix dry construction mixtures are created using a professional, integrated approach, which ensures the successful implementation of the project, and the comfort of work and reduced labor intensity for the craftsman.

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