Waterproofing mixtures by Vanmix - reliable protection against moisture penetration

Our waterproofing materials are used to protect building elements from moisture and water, especially on terraces, balconies and bathrooms.



Waterproofing mixture is a multi-component composition that is used to protect vertical or horizontal surfaces from moisture. The use of such a mixture allows you to extend the service life of the structure and ensure comfortable conditions for its operation.



One-component waterproofing TM "Vanmix" FW 20 is intended for reliable waterproofing of balconies, terraces, swimming pools, sanitary facilities before laying facing tiles; to protect the foundations from the influence of moisture that does not act under pressure; for waterproofing the inside of the bowl of pools and reservoirs up to 5 m deep.



The mixture for waterproofing FW 20 is made on the basis of a mixture of mineral binders, fillers and functional additives, which help to improve the physical and mechanical characteristics of the solution. The mixture is reinforced with microfibers, resistant to the formation of cracks, resistant to moderate mechanical actions, water-resistant, frost-resistant.



Features of work

  • Preparation of the base: Mineral bases, including concrete, cement and cement-lime plaster, must be strong, hard and undeformed, without cracks and deflections, cleaned of impurities. Irregularities should be corrected, sharp edges should be broken, and cracks should be repaired before waterproofing. Structures must withstand a certain period of time before being treated with waterproofing. Before applying the waterproofing layer, the base should be moistened.
  • Carrying out work: It is necessary to ensure that the surface of the solution is wet. It is necessary to apply the solution especially carefully in the corners, on the edges and in the passages. The solution is applied to the base in two layers with a brush or in two layers with a brush and spatula. Before finishing the work, it is necessary to make sure that the entire surface of the base is covered with a solution with a thickness of at least 2 mm. The thickness of the layers should not exceed 4 mm. Three days after application, the surface is ready for further work, but it is not designed for intensive mechanical loads.
  • Recommendations: When laying facing tiles, it is necessary to use a plastic toothed spatula. and relative humidity of 60%. In other conditions, the working parameters of the mixture may change. FW 20 waterproofing is used only from the side of moisture. The freshly laid mixture must be protected from rain, overheating, sub-zero temperatures and direct sunlight for 24 hours.


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